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Artistic Opportunity for your wedding

Hi My name is Blaine Siesser and I'm a very established wedding photographer from Michigan. I'm looking for a couple having a wedding in Florida this winter who is interested in having me document their wedding in an experimental style at cost. Its going to be awesome but its totally outside the norm of my ordinary wedding work. If you or if you know anyone of your friends might be interested in my project have them email me at [email protected] call facebook me or call me at 734.845.6512 if you are interested. You can see my website at siesserphotography.com or google me to get a sense of my MO and reputation. 
Blaine Siesser

Re: Artistic Opportunity for your wedding

  • Not sure if this qualifies as a vendor post as its more of a collaboration and not my market. If so Moderator please remove and my apologies ahead of time. Thanks!
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