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What exactly does an usher do?

I don't know if we should have them or not.  Our ceremony and reception are in one location, so guests will just go from the outdoor ceremony into the tent for the reception.  People can sit wherever they'd like, we have uneven numbers, so we won't be doing the traditional bride's side and groom's side. 

Is there any other usher "job" that I'm missing here?
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Re: Ushers?

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    I've been to a few weddings where they included ushers.  These men (or ladies) usually showed people to seats at the ceremony.  It doesn't have to be the traditional bride or groom side, they can just make sure everyone is nice and close so everyone can hear and see great.  Honestly, our groomsmen are showing guests to their seats, so we didn't feel we needed ushers.  My friend, however, had ushers because she wanted her younger brothers to be included but not be part of the bridal party (all older ladies).

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