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How to Address Escort Cards

Hi Ladies !!!
So... what are the rules with the escort cards?  Can you combine a couple or does each person have their own?  

If you combine, do you go formal -  "Mr & Mrs. John Smith" or informal "John & Mary Smith" 

I've been googling & I've basically seen a mix of opinions on joint or each has his own. i don't have to track meals, so there is no need to have each person have their own name on a card. 
I'm literally making my own - cutting card stock, handwriting, & (mine is a Winter Wedding) I got a cute snowflake hole punch for the corners.  We'll have about 200 guests, so each person having their own vs a joint card could play into my decision to create my own. 

Re: How to Address Escort Cards

  • We gave couples a joint card and addressed it formally (Mr & Mrs John Smith).  
  • If you're not attaching the cards to favors for each guest or using the cards for meal choices, I see no reason why you cannot do a joint card.  Make the formality match the formality of your wedding.  

    We did a joint card for couples and omitted titles (Jane & John Smith).  
  • I think joint cards are fine. For the wording, I would match it to the formality of your event.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or John and Mary Smith are all acceptable ways to address your escort cards.

    If families/couples are sitting together, I would put them on the same card.

  • thank you ladies !
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