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I signed up for a free personal training session at my gym which was great - i'm really trying to add more definition/tone to my upper body and gain muscle. He showed me some great exercises to do that and pointed out that all the cardio I do actually ends up burning some muscle (i'm normally just a runner but signed up to the gym so I could start adding variation), so definitely lots of potential on the exercise front to make the changes I want. My goal for my wedding day is to weigh the same as now but with less fat and more muscle

Anyway the main thing he said though was that I had to change my diet if I wanted to see any significant changes - not to cut down on the quantity i'm eating but to drastically up my protein. My diet right now is probably 50% carbs, 40% vegetables/fruit and 10% protein... i'm not a vegetarian, I just don't particularly like the taste of meat. I'm guessing if I up my protein, i'll naturally eat less carbs because i'll be full... so not so worried about that, I know I eat too much. 

My question is some suggestions on foods - I really, REALLY hate chicken/turkey but know it's the one food with the most protein, was wondering if anyone has any good recipes that involve chicken but where it's so disguised you wouldn't know you're eating it? Has anyone else been trying to up their protein? What has worked for you?? Thanks everyone!

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    Chicken/turkey aren't the only ways you can add more protein into your diet.  What about eggs, beans, yogurt/milk, cottage cheese, fish, nuts and seeds?

    Here is a page from CookingLight (Click) that lists some great meatless high protein packed foods and they also have recipes and such for those items.  Not saying that shouldn't also include meat but if you aren't super thrilled with the taste there is no point in making yourself eat something that you really don't like.

  • Thanks - that's really helpful, I like most of the things on that list!! I love curry, so that's one way at least of getting some chicken and then combined with these foods should be enough protein hopefully!
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    I keep a lot of canned beans around and throw them into foods when I don't feel like eating meat.  Lentils and quinoa are also yummy ways to get protein.
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  • I eat a ton of protein (and only get carbs from veggies and sweet potato), and really l like egg whites and Quest bars (you can order them on amazon, I think you can also buy them at Whole Foods).  You can also incorporate protein powder, almond butter on rice cakes, white fish (Salmon too of course, but white fish is super low in calories).
  • Thanks so much for all the great tips!! Muscles here I come ;)
  • Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt. That has been a go to in order to up my protein.
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    Hard boiled egg whites have 7 grams of protein and only 17 calories. Cutting up 5 or 6 of them on a salad is an excellent way to get a lot of protein without too many calories.
  • When I came to this board for advice on strength training, several folks recommended The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It's not only a workout book but also has tons of yummy meal and snack suggestions that are high in protein and often dont include chicken or turkey. The author also recommends protein powder which I haven't tried yet. Best book purchase I made in 2013--and I'm an English teacher!
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    When I'm on a protein kick, my meat intake stays about the same. Mexican food is a cheap and easy way to eat lower-carb--use whole grain tortillas (or skip them entirely), avoid rice, and incorporate lots of beans, avocado, or cheese.

    Eggs are easy--hard boil a bunch, mark with a sharpie, and devil, add to a chopped salad, make egg salad, or roll in sea salt for quick snacks. Deconstructed sandwiches or just salads--lunch meaf, cheese, veggies. Tuna or salmon if you dislike red meat. Coconut. I'm a big fan of using Greek yogurt in smoothies--blend with frozen fruit from Costco and ice. I like the high-protein drinks from Bolthouse farms too. And I always keep nuts in the house.

    ETA: hummus! I could almost live on the stuff. :-)
  • I'm a fan of adding protein through powder supplements in smoothies.

    You can find them at a lot of retailers, but here's a link:

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