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Number of Readings and Reading content help?

Hello, My name is Jazsmin and I would like too have four readings, one for each grandmother. Do you think four is too much? I would also have four musical selections then, because music played a major part in how me and my FH met, as well as being a representation of his father who died of cancer a year ago. I would like to have to bible readings and two readings from literature, because literature is important in my life. Do any of you have any reading suggestions.

Re: Number of Readings and Reading content help?

  • Four readings are too many. I appreciate that you want to involve everyone, but it's unnecessary.

    By four songs, do you mean songs played while everyone sits and listens/reflects during the ceremony? If so, any more than one reflection song is too many. Or do you mean songs for the processional, recessional, etc?
  • Four is really too much. You could maybe do 2 during the ceremony and 2 during the reception? Maybe you could do them at the rehearsal dinner (if you're having one)?

    Doing 4 all at the same time whether at the reception/ceremony is just too much at once. I don't mean to sound mean either but whoever you are picking to be the readers, if they don't know how to properly read (for a special occasion, lecture, church) than you might have people either dozing off or zoning out too. 
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    I think you have too many readings and musical selections.  Your guests are going to feel restless having to sit through that many events where mingling and talking is discouraged.  As your reception is your "thank-you" to them for attending your wedding, you really need to give thought to their comfort and needs.  Consider what you would be willing to sit through at someone else's wedding and then re-think about your own from that point of view.  Make that your priority.

    Having perhaps two of each at most, keeping them short, and spreading them out throughout the event will work the best. 

  • I'm not sure what you mean by musical selections. 

    I would not do more than 2 readings. If you are looking for ideas, I suggest googling "wedding readings" or "bible verses for wedding" (something like that). You'll get tons of hits and choose what is special to you and your FI.

    FI and I asked FSIL to perform a reading for us. She found some selections of her own that she liked and sent them to us, I also found a few. There was one selection that FSIL found that we liked, and one that I found that we also really liked. FSIL said she found the one she liked personally moving, so we went with that one, because I think it'll give more meaning to the reading if the person reading it feels a personal connection to it as well. 
  • How long are the readings? If they are a paragraph, 4 is okay, if they are a page, 4 is too many. I think 4 songs is too many. If you like music, have it playing while the guests seat themselves.
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