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A lot of out of towners - what I am responsible for?

Help! I have A LOT of out of towners (almost the entire bridal party and my entire family [30 + total]) that I am inviting to my wedding. More than 1/2 the guest list is going to be from up north. I'm trying to figure out what all FH and I have to/should pay for. Our venue will likely be 40+ minutes from the nearest airport; $60 cab ride. Do we need to pay/help pay to get folks to the venue? The ceremony and reception will be in one spot. Do we have to pay for all of the guests or just the bridal party and immediate family? (Our cars can't even come close to holding even those folks.) I looked into airport shuttle services and it's still $30/person roundtrip even if we go the van route. What have other brides done? 

Re: A lot of out of towners - what I am responsible for?

  • Hey, I hope this helps. Our entire wedding was "destination"

    1.  Recommend hotels near the venue. it is people's responsibility to get to and from the venue. It is nice of you to provide transport but not required.

    2. It would be nice to provide recommendations and addresses of places nearby the recommended hotels with food/entertainment/etc

    3. We had the bridal party and mothers transported in a trolley to the venue, their dates/ others took them back at the end.

    You do not have to pay for everyone to get everywhere. As an adult it's part of the cost they should calculate when making travel plans. Having a website with recommendations, etc will help their planning process but that's all you have to do. Don't stress!
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