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I admit it, I'm jealous

of all you brides that have early November weddings and have gotten married already or are getting married soon... I've still got 16 days to go til 11/24. I might go crazy by then. 

Re: I admit it, I'm jealous

  • @dramamonkey I'm with you! LOL
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  • We are almost there!!! Just two more weeks today and just think about how beautiful it's going to be and how much you love your FI! I love thinking about it everyday and how excited we both are. YAY!!! It's almost here!!! One more weekend after this!
  • I'm jealous as well, but only have 4 days left.  I'm trying to enjoy my time and relax, but I'm such a control freak I sometimes have a little trouble just sitting back and relaxing.  My future hubby said the sweetest thing to me yesterday.  "I wish we were getting married tomorrow; I'm ready."  Makes me want to get hitched so much more.


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    Hey ladies,

    Your days will be here soon enough, I have 18 days left and I am glad, I haven't even had my hair trial yet! lol

    Just make sure you enjoy and savor the moments fully!

    All the best to you all.

  • 11/27 over here!! I am having my hair and make up trial the day before the wedding…as well as my bridal pictures…that's what I get for having a destination wedding! so excited ladies!! 15 more days!
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