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Flower petal runner?

I really like the idea of flower petals on the border of the aisle and have seen a bunch of pictures, but I'm wondering if people who have done this have just placed the petals in the aisle and hoped they stay in place or if they actually make a runner by gluing petals to something? Thanks for any help!!

Re: Flower petal runner?

  • Gluing fake petals together would work well as aisle runners. A few people have made them on these boards: http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/988691/my-diy-aisle-runner-pip
    Or, perhaps you could buy them from someone who already had their wedding.
  • thanks! that's pretty much exactly what I was looking for
  • If you connect the petals together either with glue or with string, be aware that it's a tripping hazard. 

    I went to a wedding where they did this with fall colored leaves. They just sprinkled them on the boarder and it was really pretty. No tripping hazard.

  • I went to a wedding that used loose petals, 15 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start, the wind picked up and blew every single petal away. It ended up being a complete waste of money. Make sure to check the weather before doing this.
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  • We had petals sprinkled on our runner and, even after I walked down, they didn't move.  The coordinator waited until after the wedding party went down, so it was only me who walked over them.  We didn't line the edges because we were worried they'd get messy before the ceremony started.  I hadn't thought of the wind though - that's a good point!  Here's a pic:

  • I was just going to do the borders and if I think tripping will be a problem, I can have people be seated from the outside of each row. Thanks for all the input! I think I will glue them to something so I don't have to worry about wind since that's a huge possiblity
  • I'm gluing fake rose petals to a sheet (cut out into swirley shapes) and it's working really well. I'm using E6000 glue and it works great. I'm getting married on a hillside so we're going to nail it into the ground (under a petal so no one will be able to see) so it's secure. But depending on the ground, you could use double-stick tape. 
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