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Help with Card Box, Please!

Hello everyone!
I wanted to know if anyone on here has any suggestions for card boxes. At first we were going to go with a tree trunk, like hollow out the inside and make a top with a slit in it. I even know how to use a wood burner so I was going to burn some designs/words on the top. But, my Mom thought maybe it wouldn't fit good with the rest of the reception as we don't really have many other wood details. I just thought it was a cute idea and I'm definitely an outdoorsy girl! Haha.

Anyways, our theme is quite odd... it is vintage/old (I have always been told that I have an old soul, I'm not like most people my age. I knit, sew, bake, cook, I do everything a typical housewife would do throughout history I guess you'd say. Even have a Victorian shoe tattooed on my foot to signify "Old Sole, Old Soul"). But, other than it just being a vintage/old theme, we also have a video game theme believe it or not. So, vintage and video games. Luckily video games can be vintage. My Fiance and I have a huge collection of systems/games nearly every system made after the Atari (including an Atari) up until now, and many games. We already have a few themes of video games in the wedding including Pokemon Trainer badges for the groomsmen to wear on their boutineers. We are going to have an old candy bar with old themed candy. There is a candy shop near where we live that sells the older style/types of candy so we are only going to by that. And we are also going to have glass cola bottles. Both of those areas have both vintage and video game ads that will be framed. For example there is a Coca-Cola and Sega Genesis Ad where they were working together.

Our church was built in 1890 and our reception venue was built in 1880s with amazing crown molding and chandeliers.

Long post short, my Fiance have been in a relationship since 2006 and we have always really been into love birds, so we always thought we would have a bird cage as our card box. However, in recent years that seems to be the new trend. So, we do not think we will be using that idea anymore.

Any suggestions?

Re: Help with Card Box, Please!

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