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Where are you ladies planning to go on your honeymoon? and are you going right after the wedding or waiting to go?

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  • we werent going anywhere for a while.. but we are going on a cruise ( 4 day and 3 nights).. We are going...right after.. it was between two cruises one the monday after the wedding (2 day)..and one the thursday after (4 days) .. so we end up going on the thursday one...just because of where the boat is going.

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  • This week we've decided on Nantucket, Massachutes because he grew up in Boston, and I haven't been in years. We were headed to Aruba but ran into passport issues for the kids. Our problem is our honeymoon is also a DW.
  • We're taking a seven day cruise to the western Caribbean. We're leaving the morning after the wedding!
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  • Well we wont being doing anything until the next month... The MR's family reunion is in Maryland (somewhere we have never been) and before we go there we plan on possible taking a day or two in DC (again somewhere we have never been) do some sightseeing and then drive to MD... thats the honeymoon with our little one LOL!!!

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  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic . We are going for 7 days after  the monday after the wedding ( friday wedding) 
  • We haven't booked it yet but our plan is to vacation at Couples resort in Jamaica right after the wedding.
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  • I have not thought about it yet. Jamaica maybe

  • We probably wont go on a full fledged honeymoon until our 1 yr anniversary because we are buying a house soon.  We may do a mini moon somewhere though...not sure where....
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  • I love the idea of a mini moon working in the hotel business has gotten me some perks I became cool with one of our VIP's who manages 30 hotels around the united states that can get me a place for however long we want for free... I really wanted to go Puerto Rico but it may be too expensive... so maybe I'll do the free trip and later in the summer we can do Puerto Rico
  • We are doing a Western Caribbean cruise for 7 nights. We are leaving a week after wedding. Our wedding is Memorial Day weekend and that Sunday. We would have to go straight from reception to the airport. I refuse to be grumpy at an airport on a holiday. So we will leave that Friday.
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  • 7 day cruise: Bahamas, key west, cozumel, and caymans...we went about 2-3 weeks after the wedding
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  • The day after our wedding is my graduation from law school. I don't care where, but I'm leaving directly from the Lyric Center (I ain't even returning to my seat) and going to BWI. I would like to go to Spain (my FI speaks spanish and always wanted to go to Europe), but to tell the truth, anywhere is fine.

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