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How many tastings did you do?

I have one cake tasting set up this weekend for a well respected baker that a lot of people use. I'd like to set up a few more just to cover my bases. How many did you find was enough to find the perfect food vendors?

Re: How many tastings did you do?

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I did 3 cake tastings. I actually only scheduled 2. The other one was an open house type thing. We didn't do a tasting for our food because we were familiar with our venue.
  • We went to one cake tasting and liked it so we didn't do anymore.  We didn't do any food tastings.  Our venue didn't provide one, neither did a lot of the venues we looked at.  The venues we looked at that did provide them only did so after you signed a contract.  The purpose of the tasting was to decide which food items you wanted served not if you wanted to use their services.  
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    We didn't do a cake tasting but we had already eaten cupcakes from the bakery we were using at another event so we knew that we liked them already.

    We only did one food tasting and that was after booking with the venue because the caterer and venue was all in one.  And like mysticl said, the point of the tasting was to decide what foods you wanted, not whether or not you were going to book with them.

  • That's how it was like at our first venue, Maggie. The tasting was just to decide the food. Once we ditched the venue and its required caterer we knew exactly who we were going with. The caterer we're using catered my FSIL's wedding and our good friend's wedding this summer. No tasting needed!

    I've never had cake at the place I set an appointment with, but it's really the go to place for the area, and their prices rock. I have another place that's getting back to me today. I think that should be enough for me. Especially since the other place I considered was way too expensive. 


  • Well, I had looked at samples of tons of wedding cakes and I fell in love with one baker.  I scheduled a tasting with her and had pre-determined that if the cake was good enough and I could afford her, I was going with her.  The cake was incredible, I could afford it, so I booked her on the spot.

  • we just did a tasting with our venue this past weekend...after the venue was booked.   It was to help us select the menu, not decide on the venue.   I have to set up our cake tasting still, but since the cake is included in our package, I have to go to a certain bakery to get it.  Luckily it is a bakery that I am familiar with and is known to be very good.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    We tried 2 bakeries for cake tasting. We had cupcakes, though, so I had to keep going back multiple times to taste different flavors at the place I chose b/c with cupcakes you can only have what they have on any given day. I was on a heavy cupcake diet for a week. Poor me. 

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  • I did 4 cake tastings, but two were with the same baker. I was looking for a gluten free cake and it's tough to get that right. The first place had awesome cake, bad customer service. The second baker had great customer service, but not so great cake. I had a good feeling about her and I made a suggestion about a certain type of gluten free flour and we rescheduled for a second tasting. I had another baker on standby just in case this baker did not get it right the second time. The third baker was ok. After the second cake tasting with the baker that did the do-over, the cake was FANTASTIC!! I booked her immediately. And a great price!

    For catering, I only did one tasting. I wish I did a few more but I was tired of all that long distance driving. So I went with it. And I was dealing with eleven caterers and all of them had crappy customer service.
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