First dance Lana Del Rey?

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So me and my fiancé cant seem to agree on any "first dance songs" however I love Lana Del Rey and he thinks are first song should be "Young and beautiful".  I love this song but I don't know if its right for a first dance song. Btw our wedding is Great Gatsby inspired (which the song is played through out the movie). Ladies please help? What do you guys think about the song.

Re: First dance Lana Del Rey?

  • I absolutley LOVE this song. I considered doing it for our "first dance" also but we've decided to use an instrumental version (if we can find it) during the ceremony at some point instead. Still working on those details! It is a gorgeous song though and I think it would be great to dance to!

  • I think it's a beautiful song and if it is meaningful to you guys you should go for it!

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