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How to become an officiant?

My fiance and I want to get married outdoors, which means we need to find an officiant.  I would love to ask my Uncle to marry us, but I do not know the steps to become an officiant - need help please! :)

Re: How to become an officiant?

  • If you are getting married in Florida, South Carolina or Maine, he can get his notary license. I an a notary in SC and I performed the wedding of my bests friends!!

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  • Thank you so much for the advice ladies! I will give the county a call.
  • Depending on the area you don't even need to be ordained. Virginia and now DC allow one time authority to marry someone. You have to post a $500 bond in VA, which you get back when you bring back all the paperwork. The one issue with this is that you must be a resident. It is very very difficult to perform a ceremony in VA is you do not live there. I'm sure this is the case in some other states too.

    Like others said, research the area.

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