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My fiancee wants the groomsmen and bridesmaids to walk down to UGK...Help!

Hello! We're having a outdoor ceremony next August with 5 groomsmen, 4 bridesmaids, a ring bearer, 2 bell ringers, and a flower girl. We would like non traditional wedidng music, and my fiancee is fixated on the idea of having everyone walk down to the instrumental version of UGK and Andre 3000's song, I Choose You (aka the International Playa's Anthem). I obviously don't want this song, but as I cannot think of any suitable alternatives other than A Whole New World by Peabo Bryson (he hates that idea), he has the upper hand right now. I would like to walk in to Jennifer Hudson's Giving Myself and need some suggestions on a song that the bridal party can walk to that will not completely clash. Any suggestions please let me know!

Re: My fiancee wants the groomsmen and bridesmaids to walk down to UGK...Help!

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    lholley WOW UGK really?? Tell him he need to cut it out LOL LOL... I honestly cant think of any particular song and really UGK is as non traditional as it gets LOL.. you walking to giving myself is beautiful but id have to ask him of a slow song to come in to and maybe you can use UGK to enter into the reception (so at least his idea isnt completely thrown out the door)... Ill try to think of some songs and get back with you 

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    Lol. No help here. That sounds like some shit my FI would want to.
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    I kind of like the fiance's idea, but an alternative could be lauryn hill's 'can't take my eye off you' or bruno mars 'marry you' or the wanted 'glad you came'.
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    Ha!  This is crazy because that is exactly what my FI and his GM are walkling in to! BM's..not so much..LOL!  He shot the idea at me and I loved it!  It's the instrumental of course so it's not like anyone will hear the actual lyrics....also, UGK and Outkast's version is a sample of the original song so the older crowd will dig it. 

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    why not ask him to come up with some alternatives.   

    I inner giggled at peabo bryson, not because I think it's silly but now I picture you twirling like a disney princess.  lol!

    girl put your helmet on this might get tough.  Is he a groomzilla?  If so this may be the one you gotta take for the team in the name of compromise.  If not 2-piece him and keep taking suggestions, by the time you get to the day of, you'll have so many more important discussions he won't even remember this {{crosses fingers}}
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    Please no judging! my groomsmen are being introduced to UGK! I had to give in somewhere ladies
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    Honestly my FI wanted to walk down the aisle to that. Of the 300 wedding decisions he wore what I wanted, showed up where I wanted, etc. We had the string quartet play it as he walked in..... It didn't take away from anything and it made him happy.... I would let him walk in to it and have the bp walk in to something else as a compromise. In the grand scheme of things it will not take away from the elegance of the wedding
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    How about "No one gonna love you" by Jennifer Hudson?

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    Can I just tell you I went to awedding where the guys walked out to that song and it was AWESOME!!!! It really lightened the mood because it was soooo quiet in there and the groomsmen really strutted down the aisle instead of looking like...another wedding..another i dot think it would be that bad but it is your wedding..but keep in mind there are few things the groom REALLY wants and LOTS of things the bride really wants...just think about the opportunity costs for the song....If you have it versus not.....THe wedding I went to last week the groom walked down the aisle with his best man to THIS IS A MAN'S WORLD....and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the end he gave him mom a hug and then stood in the middle with his hand out...then the music stopped, the doors opened and she came down the aisle to Jaheim....and it was great....the theatrics of it all....
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