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Need Motivation To Get Back At It!

Anyone else out there need motivation to get back in the workout/eating right mode!? Long story short a few years ago I lost about 65 lbs. I was in the best shape of my life and loved working out/eating right. Then I got serious with my FI and I moved and we bought a condo and changed jobs and you know the rest. I've pretty much gained all the weight back. I HATE it. For me it's not all about looks it's mostly that I know this is unhealthy and I know I can lose the weight because I've done it before. I also hate that I now have a desk job and sit down for 8 hours 5 days a week. So frustrating! I just signed up for a 2 week free trial at a local gym. I am really hoping this time I can get back to my old ways and drop this weight again and this time keep it off! Any suggestions how to motivate yourself to get past the first few weeks? I've been on random spurts where I'll go walk/jog and diet for 4-5 days and then just fall right off and stop. How did you all get in a good routine?

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  • I started a weight loss contest of sorts with a few of my friends a couple of weeks ago where we have to post our weight to a private Facebook group every week.  I found that by knowing that other people can see my progress has really made me refocus on eating healthy and working out.  Plus, my first fitting is in 3 weeks so that pressure has helped too!

    I also think making sure what you are doing is something that you can continue long term is important.  If you're diet is too restrictive and your work out schedule is too strict, you won't stick to it long term.

  • akosakow said:

    I also think making sure what you are doing is something that you can continue long term is important.  If you're diet is too restrictive and your work out schedule is too strict, you won't stick to it long term.

    I def agree with this. I think this is mainly the problem I had last time. I was a little overboard and was at the gym for 2 hours or so 7 days a week. I have to find a way to work out but not be a slave to the gym. I'm sure I would see results even going 4 times a week considering I haven't stepped foot in a gym in over a year and a half now!
  • Sign up for something. I am always registered for a race so I always have something to train for. That pretty much forces me to workout regularly. That half Ironman won't run itself ;)
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  • I think long term, slow and steady is best, but it is so easy to get off track.  I stay motivated by donating my clothes as they get to big.  I don't have a ton of money to keep buying different sizes.  Plus I really like having gotten out of most of the plus size tops.  That works for me anyway.
  • I recommend joining a support group of some sort. fit with jenny is based out of San Diego, but they offer virtual challenges all done via Facebook. She provides a meal plan, exercises you can do at the gym or at home and she's got a support group going the whole time. People post pictures, recipes, sweaty post work out pics :) it's all women and everyone is really encouraging. It's a great way to drop some lbs or at least get into a routine.

    I also recommend getting a work out buddy! Maybe the FI wants to lose some weight? They say "couples who sweat together, stay together!" Or maybe one of your bridesmaids??

    Also, sometimes it's worth the money for a trainer...just to get started.

    Good luck!!
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    Not everyone can do this, and actually I can't currently afford it either, but signing up for classes where you a) pay for the class and b) suffer a cancellation fee, worked wonders for me this summer.  I had a lucrative summer job and signed up for a monthly membership at a boutique gym.  The classes would fill up, so I made reservations at the beginning of each week.  If I didn't show up, I would get charged about $20.  So I had the double financial motivation of the expensive membership, plus the extra hit if I snoozed late.  This was super effective.

    Now that I'm back in school and can't afford this anymore, I've also fallen a bit off the wagon.  Have not actually gained weight but I can see the hard-earned toning I achieved this summer slipping away.  I just signed up for a one-time class next week, so now I have a reason to work out every day until then.  I don't want to embarrass myself when I go back!

    ETA: the financial aspect was only one part.  Prob the most important thing is that I absolutely loved this workout, looked forward to it every morning, and felt refreshed and more awake when I went to the office afterward.  So, really the bottom line is find something that will make you want to go frequently.
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  • I struggle with this too.  If I'm literally forced (like basic training=forced to work out.  Tech school=forced to work out) I'll do it happily.  But if its up to my own devices, I lose motivation instantly.  I bought the "Drop Two Sizes" book written by the Women's Health mag trainer and I want to do it, I just wish I had a committed partner.  I've tried to get a buddy before but they've flaked out or only went once and it dropped off.  I also get discouraged because on the days I do do something, I feel pretty good but I don't see results.  That makes me feel like I pushed myself for nothing.  I know that's not true but it feels that way.  I was in a mandatory PT program for a few weeks and saw results very quickly.  Then, I passed my test and got out of the program and now I've dropped back off.  Anyone live near me who wants to be faithful workout buddies?
  • I'm having the same problem. FI and I did a year of long distance dating, and while we were living apart, I was able to get into really great shape and drop 30 lbs. Now that we are back living together, I lost all my motivation and self-discipline. I'm going to join a gym and commit to workouts that I really really enjoy (yoga and zumba) instead of half-assing workouts that I hate and that I'm bored of. FI is a great support in that way, and we're both have a goal weight for our wedding day. I would also recommend logging your calories daily. I use the lose it app for the iPhone and that really helped me manage what I was eating and get into a healthy routine. Good luck!
  • I've started making small changes to help lose weight (hoping for 7-10 lbs by March, just under 1 lb a week is the plan)

    I teach dance, so have exercise built in to most of my days.  I got a fitbit which is basically an advanced pedometer - but any pedometer (they start around $15!) will work.  I'm making sure I get 10,000+ steps per day, logging calories in vs. calories out (the fitbit app is awesome), trying to sub 1 meal or snack a day with a green smoothie (2 cups spinach, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1/2 cup frozen peaches, 1 banana, 1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt, 1/2 cup orange juice and 1 tbsp chia seeds), and drinking at least 1/2 gallon of water daily.  I bought a water bottle that holds 1/2 gal.  I've lost 4-5 lbs in just about a week with only those steps.

    Hopefully something like that can help you too!  Yoga and zumba are fantastic - zumba especially can burn a lot of calories in a little time, and yoga is amazing for allover health.  
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    Basically, don't make it suck or become a pain in the butt to keep up with.  When you're at the gym focus on exercises that work the most muscles at once and if you do cardio go on the machine that burns the most calories- A 20 minute workout that leaves you drenched and works all of your muscles is going to be a lot more effective and manageable than an hour long workout that involves two machines and 45 minutes on the bike.  Be efficient with your workouts so time management doesn't become an issue.  Cardio is good, but focus on building muscle when you're at the gym.  First off it's a lot quicker to burn a lot of calories lifting weights than it is to burn a lot of calories on the treadmill, and also its your muscle tissue that burns off your fat.  So more muscle means more fat burn even when you're not working out.  and contrary to popular belief, you won't become a super jacked bulky bodybuilder just because you picked up a weight.  It takes years of dedication for women to build that much muscle because it's harder for us to build muscle.  Lifting weights will make you look toned.  I know that from experience, every time I'm at the gym I'm doing nothing but weights to build muscle and following up with lots of protein, and the muscle mass I've gained hasn't made my thighs or arms bigger.  It's just made the parts that were once jiggly firm.  
    As for diet, anything that is a fad or promises fast results is crap and only going to demotivate you.  Don't do a diet that sucks and makes you eat food you hate all the time and leaves you hungry. All those crappy diet foods that only make you sad you're not eating real food shouldn't be in your house.  Eat real food, lean cuts of meat, veggies prepared however you like, complex carbs (Flour is a crap carb.  Oatmeal is a much better carb to consume, for instance.) fill your diet with food you're actually going to want to eat.  For instance some shrimp cooked in a bit of olive oil and garlic over veggies cooked the same way is a hell of a lot more tasty than some sad little lean quisine, and it's good for you too.  Shrimp are low on calories, but high on protein. Try to have as many home cooked meals as you can and use healthy ingredients.  
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