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Historic Site / Estate for Ceremony Only in North/Central Jersey

We already have our venue chosen as my uncle is one of the owners and operators but we are looking elsewhere to have our ceremony on May 15, 2015.

We are looking for somewhere such as a botanical garden, estate, or historical site. We are looking for that old timey estate with the class and elegance of the huge beautiful grounds and ceremony areas, but don't care too much for the over glorified fanciness of a lot of the venues in the northern Jersey area that are often very expensive. So far the best example I think I could provide for an example of what we are looking for by looks and feel would be 'The Park Savoy" but not necessarily everything about it, just the estate and historic feel of it.

We've had trouble finding places like this that aren't already all decked out for a full wedding and catering that will charge an arm and a leg for their services and not want to just book our ceremony when they could book someone else for the whole deal. And looking at some places that advertise rates as high as $5000 or more, it just seems a little out of our reach when other smaller places have been found for under $1000.

Using TK and some other resources we've found a few possibilities but can anyone provide some insight into some places that might work with what we're looking for?

Our home is in Montville, NJ 07045. 
Our venue is the Buona Sera Pallazo in Ocean Township, NJ 07712.
Bride's family is mostly coming from the Toms River area (08755)
Groom's family coming from mostly Northern NJ (Morris & Sussex counties), Long Island, NY, and some from out of town that will have to fly in.

So our goal is to try and find the best place that has what we are dreaming of in a ceremony site, doesn't mind only booking us for a ceremony and some pictures as well as not charging us a king's ransom to do so because they are used to getting the rate for a full wedding, and would be within the area of those towns listed above so it can be somewhat close to our guests or more importantly our reception venue.

Thank you in advance for any and all help! :)

Re: Historic Site / Estate for Ceremony Only in North/Central Jersey

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