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My homegirls Flash Mob proposal

my friend in New York called me screaming yesterday that she got engaged!!!! She told me her FI met her at work for lunch which is normal for them. They went to their normal spot in a little park they always go to. They were eating lunch and a guy walked by with a boom box playing Jagged Edge lets get married and started dancing next thing she knew there were 10 other ppl dancing as well as her fiance. she said she dropped her lunch and just started crying because by then she knew what was happening at the end of the song he was on one knee!!!! who goes to lunch and comes back to work ENGAGED!!!!! I thought it was so cute I know flash mob proposals are becoming common but it was something I never saw him doing but after 9 yrs together she deserved an out there proposal.


Did you ladies have a low kep proposal or somethin unique?

Re: My homegirls Flash Mob proposal

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