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Hi. We're getting married next fall and are looking for a dj. The wedding will be around 75 guests and a fair number will be family who we don't necessarily expect to be really into dancing so we don't want a loud dj with a club atmosphere or any cheesy games or announcements. We just want someone to play good music and keep things fun. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    4 Most Sound was awesome and have really great prices.  Also, they offer a photo booth which was so awesome and my guests had a blast with.  Especially if your guests don't intend to dance much, a photo booth would be a great way to entertain your guests for the reception and gives them a great memento of your wedding (as well as you!  They put together a whole scrapbook for you with everyones picture).  They even had my 92 year old Aunt in the photo booth on more than 1 occasion.  So much fun and they are a great couple to work with!
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    Thank you - I'll check them out!
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    Did you find someone? I am still searching a DJ. I just searched for 4 Most Sound. My planner suggested a few DJs but I only think one fits with us and what we want.
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    DJ Dave is great -
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