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Ugh Music

We're 11 days away and we STILL haven't finalized music yet. 

I can't get FI to commit to, well, ANY of special songs. 

On one hand, he wants me to make decisions. 

On the other hand, he doesn't want me to make the WRONG decisions. 

We have such dramatically different tastes in music - I love all things pop, and he's a metal/rock guy. The only area we can both agree on is (most) "classic rock" - I just want everything to reflect BOTH of our personalities. 


Sorry, just venting. 

Re: Ugh Music

  • What special songs do you need to decide?
  • @wonderred We still need to figure out most of the music for "special" songs - FI and I worked on it tonight, and now we have left the ceremony music and the anniversary dance. Everything else is set (mostly)
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    We used Alan Jackson's Remember When for the anniversary dance at my first wedding. Everyone LOVED it and the 50+ year couple that won openly cried listening to it. I'm not a country fan but it doesn't get much better than this song for that special dance.
  • We finally sent our music list to the DJ yesterday.  I didn't realize how much stress I was feeling over this.  Good luck!
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  • @WonderRed yeah, we have a strict "no country" rule for our wedding (which is funny since FI is from Alabama)

    @marsm4  SO MUCH STRESS... it's stupid how much. 
  • Wish I could help. We had a jazz trio so all of our music had to be some form of jazz music. It worked out well for me, but I had to borrow my sister's father/ daughter dance song. We ended up dancing to What a Wonderful World. My sister did not think my father would remember what they dance to since she has been married a decade, but he actually did.
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