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Boston Themed Reception Card Holder

Hi there,

Has any past or current bride found a Boston themed reception card holder/box?

I was first thinking of doing a Boston Bean Pot but ones that are big enough are over $100. I was also thinking about doing a decorative lobster trap because it's a New England theme item but I'm afraid it will come off to beachy. 


Re: Boston Themed Reception Card Holder

  • What a fun idea.

    Any card box could be transformed...maybe find a good print of the city skyline and wrap it around the box? If you want to get your arts and crafts action going, cut out the sky so the silhouettes of the buildings stick up over the top like a city diorama. Cityscapes can look either very modern and sleek or retro, depending on the art you choose.

    If you have more of an antique or vintage vibe going on decorate your box/container with vintage Boston postcards. Google image search Boston skylines, vintage postcards, things like that and see what inspirations strike. (We're using antique Seattle postcards (reproduction) for my daughter's RSVPs. I'm loving them, they show the exact location of the wedding 100 years ago.)

  • That is a great idea!! Thank you very much!
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