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Advise... *SMH*

doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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"@helmigkn - first of all, great idea. I always recommend couples have their legal ceremony in advance and the symbolic ceremony in destination. This saves time, money and stress of worrying if all is set. I was married at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun almost two years ago and did this exact same thing. My husband and I had a legal ceremony in our home town (just the two of us - no witnesses required in my state) two days before we headed to Mexico. We didnt tell anyone. I think it is nicer for your guests if you keep that part a secret - especially since your wedding in Mexico will feel like your real wedding." 

Seriously?  'Let's have a biased lady that doesn't give a sh*t about etiquette or telling the truth give advise to brides! That sounds like a great idea'...  @KnotPorscha please next time you have one of these Q&A's have it be someone who won't give absolutely terrible advise. 
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