October 2014 Weddings

Hi, Everyone! :D

I hope everyone's planning is stress-free and wonderful
I am getting married Halloween 2014, and we have dreamed of a masquerade since we got engaged a year and a half ago! Our guest list is about 75 people and budget budget is really small, only about 5500 for everything. I would really appreciate any ideas that can be given on how to keep costs low and how to prioritize money. The budget tools are a little difficult to manipulate. Thank you all in advance!
Happy Planning! :)

PS- Any other Budget Brides out there?

Re: Hi, Everyone! :D

  • Hi and welcome! A masquerade idea sounds really cute!


  • Whoops, totally disregarded your question there...sorry about that! We have a budget; though we *do* have some breathing room. I hate the idea of spending so much money on a wedding, and I tend to get preachy about couples who focus on spending so much time/money on the "perfect" wedding, rather than the marriage. Plus I'm cheap lol.

    Anywho... I found a lot of really great budget ideas on Pinterest, and some of my friends have had amazing weddings that were all under $5-7K...one of them was even featured on a blog. I think it's important to figure out what you want to focus your resources on: some people want to splurge for flowers, other people want a kickass band, etc. Figure out what things you can cut and then work on a budget for everything else that's left. We're not having a videographer (I can't ever envision a moment when I'll watch our wedding lol...), so we're trading that off for more booze (which is always a win with our family/friends). I'm tossing around the idea of making fabric flowers, but I'm not really crafty so it could end up being a disaster...but you get my idea :) Either way good luck planning!


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