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December 2014 Weddings

December wedding- formal/informal

So my fiance and I are considering the date 12/13/14 (like several others) and I LOVE the idea of getting married during such an exciting month, when the weather is cool and it's all about family. The only thing hanging me up is that I've always imagined a very informal, party atmosphere for my wedding but I feel like Winter weddings are almost always formal. Any ideas on how I can incorporate my party atmosphere and still keep it classy? I was thinking maybe long dresses but with infinity scarves for bridesmaids or short dresses with tights and boots (I live in houston- it never gets TOO cold). Would love some fresh ideas!

Re: December wedding- formal/informal

  • I live in Amarillo, where it gets cold,also doing a December wedding, but the short dresses and boots would be super cute, and still be classy as well as keep up that party atmosphere. Besides how many winter weddings do you see with short bridesmaid dresses? You'd be setting a trend!
  • We're doing a December wedding and trying to model it after our family Christmas parties when we were growing up.  We're throwing out a lot of the "traditional" things (i.e. all night dance-party, seating chart, five course meal) and replacing them with the casual, community-oriented things that feel home-y to us.  We're doing buffet style meal, banquet tables that we'll move to the sides part way through the evening so folks will just sit where there are seats or be up dancing, we're having board games for people to congregate around, and fun line dances and traditional Armenian step dances (it's my heritage).  We're stumbling along the way (I'm having a hard time navigating what traditions to keep and which are not meaningful to us), but I think it's going to end up with a very cozy, comfortable feel.  (At least that's my hope!)
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    Our date is December 27, 2014. Our ceremony will be very formal (floor lenght bidesmaids dresses men in suits, candle-lit ceremony) but I live in NC and will be doing a super  laid back reception (pig pickin') ad changing clothes.

  • My wedding date is 12.13.14! And I've always dreamed of an informal affair. I know I, personally, and playing a lot off of the fact that Decembers are in fact cozy, and to me, cozy = intimate and informal. Hot cocoa bar, dresses with sleeves and boots, highly considering some stone fire pizza! I think informal in December is definitely doable. 
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