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oilfield fiance/wife

Just wondering if there are any women on here with men in the oilfield.

Re: oilfield fiance/wife

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    Mine works in town for a company that does work on the plants.  I'm lucky though, in that he's rarely out of town in the field.  If he is, he normally gets flown in and out that day, so he's home for dinner.  His brother is gone 3 weeks on 1 week off though.  

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    Mine isn't, but we know a lot of folks who are! We've also hired several guys who tried North Dakota and wanted a break/change. It's good money, but killer stress.
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    mine is a pipefitter, so depending on where he's working, there's an even chance of him being home every night, or being in camp. He's going to camp tomorrow. I'm also in the oilfield, so we were extremely lucky that we were both home at the same time for the last month and a half!
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