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Thanksgiving plans?

Sorry I have been MIA lately. The new job takes up a lot of my usual computer time. Holidays are right around the corner!! What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Hosting, traveling?
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Re: Thanksgiving plans?

  • The day before Thanksgiving I'm planning I taking my comprehensive exam (basically writing for nine hours), and DH is on call.  Since he'll be post-call (meaning he'll his 28 hour shift at 11am) on Thanksgiving Day, we haven't planned anything for dinner yet.  His parents and an aunt will visit that weekend for a football game.  I don't do football, so I probably won't see them much.
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  • My family is going to make Thanksgiving and I think my aunt is coming over. So it will be like 7 of us. My mom got a Christmas season job so she's working that night and also Black Friday.

    I might also go down to visit my fiance while he's at work. He's been there almost a year and I haven't visited his work yet. He's gonna buy Thanksgiving food for the guys to eat.

    Then that weekend we're going downtown Chicago to the one museum that has a Walt Disney exhibit and international Christmas trees. Then going to see the windows at Macy's.

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  • Thanksgiving day we will spend it at my IL's. This thanksgiving is going to be hard because DH's grandma passed away last week so we are still getting over that.

    We will drive home to Richmond Friday after work to do Thanksgiving with my family. My brother, SIL, and nieces are home visiting from Alaska so I cant wait to see them!

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    DH has a 4 day weekend, which is his first long break since he started this job in July!!  We're going to Maryland to be with DH's family.  It'll be our first Thanksgiving with either side since we got married, and my first Thanksgiving in Maryland.  A family at our church in Kansas included us in their Thanksgiving dinner while we were there, and we were so grateful for that, but it'll be wonderful to be with family again.  And one of DH's sisters hasn't met Ezra (or our 3 month old niece), yet, so we're looking forward to that, too.
  • DH has been in town since Friday because he is on break from seminary. On Tuesday, we will leave right after I'm done with school to start the 12-hour drive to his parents. We'll actually spend the night at my parents' house, which is about 8-hours away. Then we'll spend Wednesday and Thursday with his family, and Friday and Saturday with mine, before heading back here on Sunday. Then early Monday morning (like, REALLY early...) he'll get up and head back to school. This worked out well; my family has done our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday the last couple years anyway. We also wanted to celebrate with everyone this year, because we have no idea where we will be next year and it will be harder to get away.
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