Florist with expensive look but not really expensive- is it possible?!

I'm getting married at Vie next October and I'm having about 200 people (about 16 tables), and 10 bridesmaids/10 groomsmen.  I like the look of all white flowers in varying sizes of glass/silver centerpieces.  It is SO easy to agree to absurd prices on flowers because the florists I've met with seem like there is no other choice, but there HAS to be a way to get the look I want without spending $7,000!  Has anyone experienced this and found a way to skimp on the budget without noticeably skimping on the look??  Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Florist with expensive look but not really expensive- is it possible?!

  • My florist did a remarkable job on my flowers and I felt her prices were really fair and fell within my budget.  She's very budget friendly and uses flowers you may not have even heard of to keep her prices lower plus she comes up with really creative suggestions instead of using a ton of flowers.  She also works out of her home so that she doesn't have the overhead of a store which helps with her pricing.  She says she doesn't do high end weddings probably because she doesn't charge high end prices.  My low centerpieces were very full and my high pieces were really unique - she made "lamps" with roses in them which people talked about all night long.  Check out her blog and website:  Leslie is terrific to work with and I doubt that she'd be 7K for flowers.  When I checked around she was more than 1K less than other florists for what I wanted.  Even though she's located in the suburbs I know she works in Philly.  She's definitely worth the trip. 
  • London Creative or Garden Parties Bridal Florist both are located more in the northeast philly area, but have great prices and do great work.
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  • We used Laurie Sasko Designs in Chester County. She was very flexible in meeting our budget and our flowers were gorgeous.
  • I used Blake Florist in Rockledge, PA on Huntingdon Pike.
    Loved the flowers at my wedding, they were exactly what I had asked for.  Don't know the prices offhand, but were much more reasonable than other places we had priced out.

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