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Outside cake!

Looking for advice, has anyone found or used anything successfully to keep wedding cake cool for outdoor reception? I'm getting married in may and I don't want my cake to melt! (our ceremony will take place elsewhere so I need a way to store cake/ keep it cool. Thanks! (my sis is just out of culinary school and making my cake. She does a fantastic job on the cakes but hasn't yet had this issue)

Re: Outside cake!

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I can't offer any suggestions for keeping it cool other than keeping it out of direct sunlight. Depending where you are May could be cool enough for your cake to be ok. If you think it will be hot then I would suggest using fondant over your icing as that won't melt. Also, I wouldn't use any kind of cream based fillings.
  • In a fridge?  I had to pick up a friend's cake in New England in September and it was fairly warm weather.  We blasted the a/c in the car, and then the hotel put it into a fridge once we arrived.  

  • Definitely use fondant over the frosting. It will also keep any bugs/debris out of the frosting - have the caterer peel the fondant off before serving so anything nasty goes with it.
  • Where are you getting married? We got married outside in August in Pennsylvania and I used Italian meringue buttercream, which is more stable than regular buttercream. It was inside an air conditioned kitchen for 3 hours, and then outside under a tent in 75-80 degree weather for two hours, and it was fine. In fact, the buttercream was still a little stiff when we sliced it.
  • Have your sister use a frosting that's not as prone to melting (e.g. NOT whipped cream, etc.).

    I'm assuming you don't have access to a fridge or this would be easy. Correct? I made a small cake for our wedding (only 2 tiers). We transported it across the state (about 2.5 hours) by using open plastic bins (the storage kind) and ice.  I went to a cake store and bought semi-hard plastic cake containers. We then wrapped the container in plastic wrap to protect from moisture. We transported the tiers separately and assembled at the reception site.

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Use a firmer frosting (avoid creams) and consider a cooler that is large enough to carry the cake packed in ice.
  • also i know you said its an outdoor reception is it at a venue some places even outdoor venues will not allow anyone who is not licenced to bring any kind of food into the place. i would also check on that you would not want the day of the wedding and the onsite cordinator sending the cake back beacuse its not from a licenced bakery 
  • Thanks for all the help everyone! The venue has a "concession" area that is on the other side of the property they are going to let us use that refrigerator :)
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