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Stocking Your Own Reception Bar

Hello fellow Brides! I wanted to get suggestions and opinions on the reception bar. We will be bringing in our own alcohol for our reception, and will be doing beer, wine, and liquor. Our reception will be 200 people max, with a mix of those who drink and those who don't. How do you judge how much alcohol you need? And how much variety of beer, wine, and liquor? I was thinking 2 or 3 types of beer, 1 white wine, 1 red wine, rum, and bourbon. For mixers I was thinking coke, ginger ale, and soda water. Also, how far in advance should you purchase the alcohol? We are getting married March 29, 2013.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 
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Re: Stocking Your Own Reception Bar

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    In addition to what you've got, I'd also consider vodka with cranberry and/or orange juice as mixers.

    Probably you should purchase the alcohol at the same time as your RSVP list deadline.
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    I highly recommend asking your caterer. It's very easy to over buy when and I feel the calculators estimate on the high end. 
    Might want to get diet and if your inclined lemon, lime and cherry garnishes.
    Get stuff you like so you don't waste the leftovers.
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  • I agree with Jen; you're missing a clear liquor. I'm not a vodka girl but it tends to be more popular than gin and it mixes well.
  • Vodka and whiskey are very popular hard alcohols for weddings. 
  • agree to add vodka/juice to the mix. and you can purchase it anytime really.  The alcohol will not go bad, so either stock up here and there leading up to the wedding if you do not want to drop the money now or all at once, or just buy it a few days before the wedding.  Soda/Juice, etc I would buy a few days prior.  Many stores will help you estimate how much to buy. depending on how long your reception is, I would figure 1.5/drinks per hour/guest and that is overestimating probably...  Many times you can return unopened bottles. Better to have too much than run out.  

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions! It is greatly appreciated!
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