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hey hey hey guess who is back

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yall i'z married now!!
ok SO let me give you guys the recap .. sorry in advance if its long..
running around with my grandma and sister really just shooting the breeze and letting time get away from us..
so the rehersal was suppose to be at 5 and I had to be there at 4:30.. to drop off the alcohol and other stuff.. so guess 
when I made it 5 pm.. so I get there and half of the bridal party is not there they are stuck in miami 5pm traffic on a friday.
So the bulk of the people make it there by 5:30.. get right.. not so much because we have to reherse outside bc it is an outside 
ceremony. So the planner gets mad bc its getting dark and we really dont get to run through it. I neglected to share that my parents missed
the rehersal because they had to get family memebers so that they could attend the dinner. I get repremaded by the planner for forgetting stuff
BUT TO MY DEFENSE the stuff I forgot was not on my list. I forgot a lot (the aisle runner, table number, the seating chart... you get the idea).
So dinner goes well my friends from out of town make it finally after driving for 2 hours :(and my boo thang @misstira pressed her way and came to the rehersal dinner I was so excited to see so later that night I come home and I am trying to pack and 
what not.. cut to the drama.. one of my BM spends the night at my house because she has a speaking engagement in the morning so her and her daughter come (my FG) SO DO YOU KNOW THIS LITTLE NOSEY BODY STUCK HER FINGERS IN MY GROOMS CAKE AND BIT OFF PIECES OF IT...
thank god for my sister in law.. because she was baking all the stuff for the dessert table so she was able to fix it so no one knew anything. After she fixed it i got about 4 hours of sleep

woke up and prayed and talked with my parents and then the maddness began.. we had to pack up and leave my house bc the mister and the guys were getting dressed we get moving and we have to drop my grandma off at one hotel before we go to our hotel.. So we drop her off but we make sure to catch the FREE BREAKFAST at the hotel :) then we head to a different hotel where we are getting dressed at.So i get to the hotel and the lady tells me that i DONT HAVE A ROOM THERE.. im like yea i do you charged my card.. then the lady tried my mom and told her not to be so rude... chile please.. so long story short we left that hotel and went back to the free breakfast hotel where we bum rushed the misters aunt's room. thank god i had all my vendors # i called them in the car and they were able to make it to the new hotel the same time that we made it there so we were not off schedule. so I get hair and make up and the MOH.. is trying to step up and be Super MOH... to little to late(like 6 months)  but I let her live and let her step up in her role. So I get dressed and super moh wants to be in every shot with the photog...(whatevs) so I get dress and me and dad haul tail to the venue ...we make it on time and I am sitting in the car getting ready.

I have to insert a church announcement shouts out to the prayer warriors that prayed for the weather bc it was cloudy in the morning and drizzled a bit but by the time of the wedding the weather was beautiful.. sunny like 80 but not a whole lot of humidity #WONTHEDOIT..... jk anywho back to the story

the wedding was beautiful i wasnt nervous until I had to walk and when i had to kiss the mister but after all of that the day was wonderful..I had a blast I dance and dance and dance.. ohh yea my father/ daughter dance got cut short but its cool my dad was a trooper.. Ill attach a link showing a piece of our first dance we did a mix.. 

and Ill try to attach a photo..
thanks for bearing with me we leave for the Hm on Thursday.. so I be

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Re: hey hey hey guess who is back

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    Hey Mrs...welcome to the other side. You looked pretty. Glad your day turned out great and ended up being sunny ! I tried the 1st link and wouldnt let me see anything..but the 2nd one works. Again congrats.
  • Everything looked so good!!!! Awww Congrats again on becoming a Mrs. 
    Did you get the charge reversed from the 1st Hotel. I would write a letter to corporate and let them know how rude the desk person was.
    I picked those same dresses for my Jr. Bridesmaids( my daughters). Your girls looked so cute...
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  • AWWWWW Im sooo happy for you and im so sad i couldnt make it but in the end you got to marry a great guy and you looked amazing... Congrats again honey

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  • Congrats!  I love reading recaps!  I'm so glad you had a wonderful day Mrs.! :-)
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  • Oh my you looked GORGEOUS!
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  • Awwww congrats hun. You look gorgeous. Soooo happy your day was just as beautiful as you imagined. Congrats again MRS!!!!
    Mrs. Mosley 2 be
  • Oh congrats! You looked lovely, I'm glad it was a beautiful day and (almost) everything went well.

  • Congrats MRS leciaB!! You are beautiful and that dress is fitting girl. I love the little flower girls! I want more pics please. lol. where you get married? you look like your smack dab in the middle of the everglades. Congrats again!
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  • So glad that you had a wonderful day & the weather cooperated. Your flower girls are adorable and that dress was very flattering on you. Enjoy your honeymoon !
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  • Leeeeesh!!!!  Congratulations sweetie.   You looked beautiful.  So glad the weather cooperated @ #YesHeWill! 


    Um, Tira, you sposed to have been on camera duty, where are our candids? lol!!


    ROTFL @ your FG, you know what sometimes you just can't pass up a dollop of frosting staring you in the face.

  • WELL WELL Congrats Mrs! You looked beautiful!! I am glad that the weather held up for you and that you were able to have your day the way you wanted it!
  • Awwwww! DATE TWINNNN!!  I couldn't see the photo for whatever reason!  Girl, you had a time!  Glad it all worked out!  #wonthedoit!!! Congrats!

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  • @misstira..just finished it guh!!
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  • Congrats!  Everything looked beautiful.  And um yeah....I would write a letter to the 1st hotel.  How are they going to take your money, but then deny you a room on the day of?  That's ridiculous.
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