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Bridesmaid Dresses for DW


For those of you who are getting married/got married in warm locations, what type of bridesmaid dresses did you chose? Short or long? What type of material? What about the guys?

Thanks so much!

Re: Bridesmaid Dresses for DW

  • My wedding is in turks and Caicos. I have long strapless chiffon dresses for the girls. They all said the dress was a very light material and doesn't have a lot of underneath layers. I believe it only had 1. My FH has yet to decide on what the guys will be wearing but we know we are going to bring an extra white shirt for the reception incase they sweat too much!
  • I took the route of letting my girls pick their own dresses. Matchy matchy isn't my thing anyways, I really believe they are grown women and should be able to pick out their own clothes. I also hope they could use them again if they would like too. I sent them a color swatch, so they could know what color(s).
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  • Thanks guys! I really appreciate your opinions.

    @Crocam68 - I was thinking long chiffon too. I didn't know if it would be too hot being that it's long, but I suppose a long chiffon dress is cooler than short dresses in a heavier material.  Where did you get your dresses? Great tip about shirts of the guys! I visited Turks and Caicos 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. I'm sure your wedding will be spectacular!
  • @Luckystarz - I may have them pick what dress they like best out of a certain line so it would be in the middle of the two extremes, but using a swatch is a great idea. I'm sure your girls will really appreciate being able to chose their dresses. Thanks!
  • my wedding dress was a high lo so my girls wore high lo styles.  the dress was a silky material and the attachment to make the back long was a different type of silk.  we had them custom made and i never realized how many "grades" of silk there were.  

    i would probably have gone with short dresses if we didn't have these made...technically, these were short, but with an attachment.

    good luck!
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  • the most important thing is the fabric, and you want it to be as light and cooling as possible.

    anything satin or the like will not breath, and you are encased in a sweaty sticky mess.  I live here in Belize and i have a whole blog and everything about the dress....there are some gorgeous cottons out there now, and if you can get something cotton, that's best of all.

    i cut the acetate lining out of all my clothes.  I cannot tell you what it's like to drop sweat down your back and you boobs in the caribbean sun in an acetate sausage casing!
  • @morechocolateplease I got my dresses at Davids Bridal. We went to turks on a cruise and it was the most beautiful beach we've ever seen! If I can attach the picture of the dresses. Hopefully it will work!!
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