November 2013 Weddings

3 days to go 11/23 brides!!

How are your schedules looking these last few days leading up until the bid day? 
Today starts our streak of busy days until Saturday, it's crazy...I'm about to leave our apartment at 9:45 EST and I won't be back until probably after 5:00 just running errands and getting things done.

I'm getting all my waxing done lol so just in case my skin gets irritated it will be clear by Saturday
Mom and I are dropping off our OOT welcome bags at the hotels since most of our guests are arriving tomorrow...crazy!
Then we are dropping off our decorations at the venue early so we won't have to do it on Friday.
FI and I are going by the bank to take out some cash to separate into tip envelopes for Saturday.
Getting my gel nails put on with mom

All the relatives are coming in so we will be running from house to house visiting with everyone.
FI and I will finish packing for the wedding night.
FI and his groomsmen are picking up their tuxes and I'm picking up my dress.
FI needs to finish wrapping his groomsmen gifts...this has taken him forever lol.
Getting our rings cleaned and polished

I have to pick up the bouts for the Ushers and our Pastor in the early AM
FI's parents are dropping off our bags and car at the hotel and they are also transporting the heaters to the venue.
Then I'm meeting my mom and her BFF at the venue to hang some grapevine on the gazebo
Getting a pedicure with the bridesmaids at noon
Getting ready and heading over to the venue for rehearsal at 3:30
Rehearsal dinner at 5:30

Saturday! Big DAY!!!

Re: 3 days to go 11/23 brides!!

  • Good luck with the next few days! Remember to breath and try not to stress and enjoy your wedding day!
  • Thank you! Today was nice, we got everything done! I plan on getting more done tomorrow and Friday before the rehearsal so we can just relax as much as possible on the day of. We are just so ready for it to be here!
  • I am sure your day will be great! You sound like you are very organized and on top of everything. Please enjoy and I look forward to seeing pictures :) 
  • I suddenly feel soooooo behind. I'm working through Thursday and tired! Need to finish seating cards...
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  • My fiance had to cut all of our seating cards by hand but they came out awesome.  We should probably create a program soon !
  • DONE DONE DONE!! EVERYTHING IS DONE!!  Now it's all about me getting pretty and relaxing! :-)
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    mommapizano[Deleted User]
  • I'm 11/24 and I think everything is, more or less, finished. 

    I still need to organize all of my "stuff" to take to our venue tomorrow, but it's done. 
  • Family from California arrived today. Everything is done. We have a full house. I've prepped a breakfast casserole and sticky buns for breakfast. We're planning a big group outing to see Catching Fire in the morning. I check into the hotel just after noon. A couple of errands to run...picking up FI's shirt from dry cleaner, picking up bridesmaid flowers, dropping off attendants' gifts at rehearsal dinner venue and that's it! Good luck and many blessings to my sister brides this weekend. Here we go!
  • Enjoy ladies!!! I can't wait to hear about all your days when you're back!!! 
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