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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies!!!

You know what to do - complaints go here!

Now that we have some more activity on the board - are any of the new gals willing to take on this post? Super simple - just get it started every Wednesday :) 
My work is really starting to pick up so I haven't been able to be on the board as much as in the past so I think it would be great for someone who's on here more frequently to keep this going!!

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF body - I've been doing boot camp twice a week and I'm STILL getting crazy sore after every Monday class. I guess I should be happy that I doing stuff but I'd think I'd be making more progress!!
  • WTF self---can't stay away from the chocolate!! Matt keeps bringing it in the house!

    And WTF FSIL---WHY WHY WHY won't you stop manipulating this situation and think we are suddenly going to think it's a good idea for your 15 month old daughter to be at the wedding. Yes, she's cute and we love her but for this ONE NIGHT why can't you do what you do almost every other weekend and leave her with another very loving and capable family member. Ya'll I am so angry and stressed about that one :(
  • WTF: landlord came last night to check on our stove ended up pushing the stove back too hard and SHATTERED the glass panel. Glass flew all over my kitchen and into the living room. Now he wants us to find the replacement piece, pay for it and have it installed and well just take it out of our rent check! I don't have time for this between work, graduate school, Working at the family restaurant and all of the wedding stuff I have to do!! Major. WTF :(
  • WTF Self-- Some how among the visions of diamonds, fluffy white dresses and luxurious beach locations dancing in my head I have found myself becoming the man in my relationship. I'm indecisive and indifferent about what should be super fun planning. Maybe a few more cups of coffee will rectify this situation 
  • WTF Self, I've been dieting and working out, and the dadgum scale isn't moving. Major ugh. 

    WTF Job Gods, I need a new job and have applied for lots, and interviewed for a few but no luck :(
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