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September 2013 Weddings

Former Fiance passed away, can I still invite his Father?

I was with a gentleman for nearly 8 years and got along with his Dad really well the entire time. The gentleman and I split, but continued to support each other in various aspects of life. He even hung out with my new BF (now fiance) and had expressed his approval. About a year and a half after splitting, he VERY unexpectedly passed away. His father and I leaned on each other a great deal and his Dad had always been understanding of how 2 people just end up not being right for each other in the long run. Dad also knew and liked the new BF/fiance who helped with packing and emotional support all around. Is it OK to invite him to the wedding to show him I still care and think highly of him? It has been nearly 2 years since his son passed, am I expecting too much?
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