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Recipe Swap - Desserts & Veggies


Re: Recipe Swap - Desserts & Veggies

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    I just cooked a Friendsgiving dinner tonight, and after cleaning in preparation for guests AND cleaning up after dinner, I am EXHAUSTED. So exhausted that I cannot muster the energy to search through this thread to figure out who told me about the pumpkin Nutella swirl muffins so I can hug them and weep with joy that they gave me this recipe.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • @allusive007 and @lmhollister, both of your recipes were a hit! Everyone loved the cranberry salad and coconut cake! I think with the cranberry salad, I didn't soak the cranberries long enough in sugar, so they were still a little tart, but I just added confectioner's sugar and it sweetened things up.

    We have too many leftovers, BF is going to make turkey soup tonight for the parentals while I'm out with @brisox81 and then when I get back from that I'll make the thanksgiving leftover pies.

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  • @buddysmom80 - So glad you liked it. Sorry it was a bit tart - but what an awesome idea to add the confectioner's sugar! I'm going to have to remember that one for when i'm in a pinch.
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