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hi all -


i have found some amazing deals on and am seriously considering buying a dress from one of the sellers (which appears to be a store, not an individual).

anyone have experience buying or selling on this site? with stores and/or individuals?



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    I am looking at as well. My MOH turned me on to the whole idea of of a pre loved dress as she was married just last year and bought a pre-owned. She got hers off of and had a great experience - they have a more protective return policy apparently. Tradesy's inventory is very hit or miss though. Good luck!
  • I bought my Lazaro with a 50% discount at preowned and it was perfect. The communication between the other bride and I was very fluent and she gave me the best details she could give me, she sent many pictures, very up close ones of the dress and some from her wedding night. The transaction was very smooth and the dress arrived in 2 days. When I got it, I was shaking while opening the box because I was so nervous and to my surprise, it was perfect. Very clean, not a bead missing, it was like brand new. I didn't even need alterations because it fit like a glove. She also threw in some detachable sleeves and a blusher veil. I understand I was lucky and not everyone might have the same experience but mines was great.
  • I sold a dress on (formerly,   it's good to make sure you have good communication back & forth. Ask for additional photos of the dress in front of something. Like, have the seller hold up a sign that says "Hi leideigh" so you know the seller didn't just get a photo off the internet somewhere, and they actually have possession of the gown.  Ask where the dress is being shipped from. If it's China, move on.  Some of the knockoff sites have found tradesy and   Ask for a phone number. 

    There are scammers everywhere, but if you take some basic precautions, you'll be fine.   I sold a $800.00ish dress for $325.00.   Good deals and sellers are out there.

  • I sold a wedding dress on it all went well
  • hey all -

    thanks so much! great advice.... i'm seriously considering this one:

    it's a little big and long and i'm expecting to blow my money on alterations anyways.... been emailing the seller who is one of those to-the-point people, she said i'd be getting that exact dress.


  • Its a gorgeous dress!
  • I'd ask for the style number, so you can compare the quality of that photo to the quality of images supplied by pronovias.  Maybe it's just the way it's hanging, but it doesn't look perfect to me, and pronovias gowns are very high quality gowns.

  • I haven't actually bought or sold anything there yet, but I have inquired further about a couple of dresses and had some great responses and communications.  But, like any owner-sale sight, it is best to take some additional precautions to protect your investment. Unfortunately, after months of searching every used wedding dress store and website I could find, I couldn't find my dream dress used and ended up buying new.  But, I'm already planning to sell my dress after my wedding next year, because I'd rather it find some use making another bride happy than wasting space in my closet forever. Plus, it will help me recoup some of the cost I had to spend on a new dress.


  • I have heard a lot of good things but like anything online BE CAREFUL!!! I really like what QueerFemme said about having them hold a sign and ask for a style number so you can compare.
  • hi all - thanks again! i've been corresponding with the seller and i'm not sure if she's trying to be accomodating or trying to rip me off...... says that she's certified, etc., and she directed me to another site that she sells on:

    seems legit but i don't know if i'm being paranoid! i asked about the style number and she said she's not sure since it's pre-2013.... and i can't seem to find the exact dress on google, only similar ones. also, i asked if there was a way i could put the dress on hold until my mom comes to town so she can see it since i am only given two days to decide if i want to return it or not, and she suggested that i pay for the dress, and she will mail it when my mom gets here right before xmas, and she will give me a week to decide instead of the normal two days. accomodating? ripping off? am i paranoid?

    would love to hear thoughts!

  • So, this is just my opinion. But, I think that's a knockoff seller.  Her profile on that bonanza website makes it sound like she is making the dresses.  Bridal salons don't talk about their highest quality fabric, or crystals, or perfect fit.  they sell designer gowns in designer gown sizes.   This is her profile... it screams "I make knockoff dresses!" to me. 

    Anne Bridal, our mission is to provide the most exquisite and unique gowns with the highest standard. We believe that every bride deserves the most gorgeous gown in the world to make her wedding day the most memorable in life. Anne Bridal offers only the highest level of design, quality, fit and services in all of our gowns that makes every woman look and feel like a Queen.

    An innovator in the industry, Anne Bridal is always on top of fashion around the globe. Stunning designs, Swarovski crystal and bead hand sewn embellishments, superior quality fabrics and perfect fit flatter a female's figure. In addition to the design and quality of gowns, we consistently offer the best custom tailoring service. Our customers can also custom design their own gowns. Anne Bridal provides a grand selection for your wedding and special occasions, including Bridal Couture, Bridal Romance, Bridal Fairy Tale, Elegant Bridesmaids, Spectacular Pageant, Loving Evening, Princess Prom, Flower Girls and Accessories, at amazingly affordable prices.

  • I think if she's asking to be paid before you're ready to decide on the dress, that's a red flag.  I'd suggest looking around for a preowned similar style to that dress.

    Good luck!
  • you peeps are awesome, thanks so much!

    sometimes you just need a reality check in this whole crazy process huh!

    i'm going to put off buying from her..... did seem too good to be true.

  • @leideigh   don't swear off or  There ARE good deals out there to be had. But, if someone is offering a whole bunch of designer dresses at rock bottom prices, it's probably a knockoff  The only exception might be a reputable brick & mortar salon that sells their samples or discontinued gowns on those sites.
  • she has the same dress you want on bonaza for 599 but on she has it listed for 499 thats a big price difference i would be very leary of buying from her.

    the dress looks off on the model form 

    here is another pronovias dress from the same seller on preowned

    @queerfemme you have a really good eye for fake dresses look at these they look like total knockoffs specialy the ian stuart one
  • hey all -

    thanks so much for the replies! i ended up actually buying a dress yesterday from a store, no more online sketchiness for this chick!

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