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Restaurant Reception

Hi Ladies, This is my first post here. I look forward to getting to know all of you :) 

We are considering doing our reception at a restaurant with a private dining area. While I really love this idea because food, bar services, tables, chairs etc are already taken care of, I've never been to a restaurant reception. I've been to private events at restaurants, but I imagine the experience may seem a little different for a wedding reception. Are any of you planning restaurant receptions or have any of you attended any? 

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    We booked our reception at a restaurant; Ceviche in Orlando, FL. I think it depends on the space and your guests. Ceviche is two stories where the entire second floor is private event space including bathrooms, lounge, and outdoor wrap balcony so we are not worried about day to day guests interrupting our evening. It has its own kitchen and bar so it's like a stand alone venue. How many guests are you expecting?
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    Thank you for your reply! We have 65 guests, but we've changed locations :)
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