Advice need: haven't gotten DVD yet..

Hi ladies. Been a while since I've been here. I was married 3.23.13 and my DVD was supposed to be finished two months after. Needless to say, it wasn't despite it being promised to me. There were other issues such as a new computer that was purchased by the videographer, his wife had a baby, etc etc. Two weeks ago when I got the envelope in the mail and opened it, it was someone else's. I feel like regardless of what I say, it doesn't matter.

Suggestions? I don't want to flame this person until I get my DVD but I will be happy to share the name then as I wouldn't want other people to go through this. Thanks

Re: Advice need: haven't gotten DVD yet..

  • Does your contract have a specific delivery date? If so, contact the videographer in writing and state something along the lines of "I have been patient with delays due to your computer purchase and the arrival of your baby.  At this point, I must reference the agreed-upon due date for the DVD which was (enter date here) and that date has now passed" and so on.  Send it in writing with a signature confirmation or certified. 
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  • call him back and say you sent me someone elses videos 
  • I'm curious if you ever got your DVD?
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