Traditional MOB/Non-Traditional Bride

I am a very non-traditional bride and have been wracking my brain trying to find songs that complement my and my fiancee's personalities.  I've found several bride entrance songs that I like, but my mother doesn't think they work for a wedding.  She seems to be more traditional and I have a feeling she really wants me to do Bridal March....
Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

Re: Traditional MOB/Non-Traditional Bride

  • Has she given the reasons why they wouldn't work for a wedding?

    If she pushes for traditional, I would politely let her know that it isn't for you. That you want the music to reflect you and your FI's personalities/relationship.
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  • My Dad has told me that he has already got the wedding march. I was thinking something more like "At Last" by Etta James...
  • She really hasn't given reasons other than, "I just don't think that will work for a wedding".  Totally descriptive, right? Oh well, I thought I'd found a great song to follow the Procession but now I'm doubting it.  I've decided to use The Feather Theme from Forrest Gump to surprise my Fiancee. It's his favorite movie.  
    The search continues!

  • I had this conversation with my mom today. She tends to not offer opinions often because she doesn't want to offend someone, but then when she does say something... it is set in stone. 

    So today she asked me what I was playing during the ceremony. I replied that I had some songs in mind. She said that I should use the bridal march. I told her I didn't want the bridal march. She got defensive. I said it again, I stressed that I never even considered the bridal march and that I really didn't want it. She replied, "I think the mother of the bride gets the say on this one!"

    Anyways, I had to vent a little bit on this one because her process of asking what I want and then demanding I do it her way is really aggravating. How I handled the situation is I played what songs I am considering playing and she liked them more then the bridal march. She ended up apologizing for being bitchy about the song. I'll run into this exact same problem when I tell her I'm not doing a slide show during cocktail hour or a money dance. 
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! Good luck!!!!

  • OP that is so sweet to use the theme from your FI's fave movie! I wish you luck in your search for the songs. I would ignore what your mother says. What she likes is not what you're going to like...she can suggest but if she gets pouty or defensive....she can't really force you to like something.

    SBmini - Wow....just wow....(to your mom's comment) and then you being right about the songs. *rolls eyes* I hate when parents still have that "I know what's best for you attitude..." bugs the crap out of me.

    I really don't have any to contribute. I mean I have had my problems with how things should be set up or look haha but it's more aggravating than hurtful.

    I wish you guys luck!!!!
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  • I'm walking down the with my parents to Butterfly Waltz ( from twilight ).
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