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So my fiance and I are having our ceremony and reception in not only the same location but the same room. We talked to the site coordinator about having to turnover the room from ceremony to dinner( while the guest are in a smaller bar room area for cocktails) then again from dinner to dance. Our event is taking place at a really cool old time restaurant that is attached via trap door to a spy themed restaurant. The restaurant often hands out spy missions to go around the restaurant. I originally thought that would be a cool activity for guest to do while turning over the room. But, now I'm just really concerned about the parade of 80 ppl through a restaurant and if the staff can turnover the room in enough time so guest aren't waiting. Our wedding is in January so I really don't want the ceremony and reception in 2 different locations but to add another room for dancing would be an additional 7,000. What are my options that will keep the wedding running smoothly and guest happy and entertained? 

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    Personally I do not enjoy those types of activities and would be a very disgruntled guest if I was told I had to participate in something like that because there was no where else for me to be.  You are right 80 people traipsing through the restaurant at the exact same time would be very disrupting and the restaurant may not be ok with that.  

    Also, when they turn the room over from dinner to dance does that mean they are taking the tables and chairs away?  People still need places to sit, to put their cameras, their purses, etc.  

    Your option to keep your wedding running smoothly and your guests happy is to hold it at a venue that can accommodate you.  It really doesn't sound like this place can.  
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    I think it would make sense to have the cocktail hour in another area while they're changing the room from ceremony to reception. 

    Personally I hate it at weddings where I'm asked to leave my dinner table so they can move it for dancing. I didn't even consider venues where they would have to put tables on the dance floor. Is there another way around that?
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    @mysticl The restaurant would be fine with it as the two are joined and run as a unit. Yes tables and chairs would be at the dance floor. @clarke10 You're right, i really don't want to force people up if they are comfortable and enjoying themselves. I think I should just look into the 3rd room. Thanks guys.
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    I would consider having people sit at tables set for dinner during the ceremony to avoid the need for turnover.  But turnover during cocktail hour will be fine also.  

    There shouldn't be turnover between dinner and dancing.  If you put any table on the dance floor, it should be your own.  Don't take seats away from your guests.  
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