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Vegetarian brides out there? Help!

I am a vegetarian and my partner is not. We are doing a southwest theme buffet. I need to give ideas to our caterer about what I would like, but has to be something easily done in a buffet style. Most of his ideas involve everything smothered in cheese and dairy. Pet peeve! I still want it to be healthy and fresh but don't want the typical veggie lasagna. I also want it to be amazing to show people that veggie food can be filling and tasty. Ideas?

Re: Vegetarian brides out there? Help!

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    Veggie fajitas? Could pull double duty as the carnivores could add meat to theirs. 
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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    Rice and beans?
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    Well, what do you usually eat that is pretty tasty and doesn't 'taste healthy' (if that makes sense)?
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    This restaurant has the best southwestern Vegetarian menu I have ever seen. I would highly recommend asking your caterer to do something similar to their poblano rellano: Room Menu 2013.pdf

    Here's the recipe, you could roast it to instead of frying, but frying actually doesn't add that much fat and the texture is devine: 

    Poblano Relleno



    1 poblano pepper

    1 oz vegetable oil

    1 oz minced onion

    1 oz minced red bell pepper

    ½ clove minced garlic

    1 oz hot hatch green chili (roasted peeled and diced)

    1.5 oz roasted Ute Mountain Corn

    1.5 oz Dove Creek Black Beans (cooked until tender)

    2.5 oz grated asadero cheese

    Cumin, chipotle chili powder, salt and pepper to taste

    3 oz tempura batter (Made with Blue Bird Flour)

    1 oz Blue Bird Flour

    Deep fryer with oil heated to 350 degrees.


    1. Coat the pepper with the vegetable oil and roast over an open flame  until completely blistered.  Cover entire pepper with plastic wrap, and set aside for 20 minutes. 


    1. In a small sauté pan caramelize the onion and bell pepper adding the garlic as they are nearly finished.


    1. Add in the green chilis, corn, black beans and heat through. Remove from heat and in a separate bowl mix in the spices and cheese in immediately so the cheese is partially melted


    1. Unwrap the pepper and peel off the blistered skin.  Make a 1.5 in   incision vertically just under the stem.  While trying not to tear the flesh of the pepper any further, stuff the filling into the pepper and  pull the pepper closed as to not see any of the filling any more.


    1. Dredge the pepper in the flour and dip it in the tempura batter. Carefully place in deep fryer, and cook until golden brown.




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    Love the fajitas idea!! And the poblano relleno sounds amazing. Thanks ladies!
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    do something with veggies and mushrooms in a sauce my brother had a sit down dinner and his veg option was a huge stack of veggies on a bed of polenta 
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    do something with veggies and mushrooms in a sauce my brother had a sit down dinner and his veg option was a huge stack of veggies on a bed of polenta 
    Not everyone likes mushrooms. In fact, a lot of people hate them, and this would turn them off this dish.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    I'm vegetarian!  And also highly allergic to mushrooms :/  Not that I'm attending your wedding, but that's something to consider! :) At one of my best friends' weddings last summer, she had a green ravioli as the veggie option.  We're doing picnic type foods so it's a little easier for me to have veggie options (pasta salads and that sort of stuff), but I'm not exactly sure what southwest style includes so my insight is limited.  Anything with like corn salsa/ mango salsa or guac though, and someone like me would be very happy!

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