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Hiring wait staff?

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I'm looking to get catering from a restaurant. They do offer servers, however the servers will only be responsible for the food from their restaurant. The coordinator there suggested hiring outside wait staff because they would be able to take care of the apps, main dishes, cake, and beverages. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to hire waiters from? Thanks!

edited to add: the venue does not provide wait staff.


Re: Hiring wait staff?

  • I will be hiring waitstaff also to serve the apps, pass around cake, keep glasses full and bussers to buss tables and wash dishes. I will have to outsource pretty much everything (i.e. dinnerware, glassware, serving pieces, etc.) so having dishwashers cuts down on the amount of plates and utensils I will have to buy i.e. revolving door. I will be using TriStar Staffing Solutions. The owner was very nice to me the multiple times I called. She even remembered me when I called months later and their prices are competitive. Hope that helps.
  • @dovelove1020 thanks, this helped a lot! :)


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