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Girls i need help..

I am already married, we just went to the courthouse because we needed to be legally married for many different reasons, anyway we would love to save money and need time to plan a beautiful wedding with all the traditions from my country but i have read that some people consider this a fake wedding since we are already married, we are thinking something small for about 60 people just family and close friends, in my country is very common to have a legal marriage and later or same day the ceremony and party. What you guys think? i really want my dress, cake pictures etc. p.s. everybody knows we are married so i am not lying to anybody.

Re: Girls i need help..

  • I think it depends. I am having problems with this too... I think it would be easier to get married first, and then plan the wedding... but I also think if you wait too long, then it would be weird to have a reception. I want advice on this too because I am torn.
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    Why not just turn it into a big vow renewal? Then you can have the party you desire without any fussiness from people who don't think it's a "real" wedding.
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