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April 2014 Weddings

What time is your ceremony going to start? I'm having a problem.

My wedding is on the 12th in Ohio so it'll get darker a bit earlier. I have no idea when! The ceremony was going to be at 4:30 P.M. and then the reception immediately following but that would make the reception end at 10 and that's just way to early, especially when the open bar would end at 9:30 P.M. so we do not want that.
We then wanted the ceremony at 5:30 then the reception following at 6 for cocktail hour but we can't do that either because another couple having their reception in the same building will be having their guests come at 6 pm. Which I am mad because we booked first and I thought we would have been asked first but anyway. 
Now we only have two options, to have it early which we absolutely do not want or to have our reception cocktail hour start at 6:45 PM. Doesn't that seem late? Dinner wouldn't be until 7:30 if we did that.
I am mostly worried about it being light after the ceremony for family pictures etc. Luckily we will be seeing eachother before the ceremony for all of those pictures.
What do you guys think? When is your ceremony time?


Re: What time is your ceremony going to start? I'm having a problem.

  • Our ceremony is at 3:00 pm, we will not be having a reception just a dinner at a favorite restaurant nearby. We will have no more that 25-30 people at our wedding. 

    If it was me, I think a sunset cocktail hour would be really pretty and since you're seeing each other before hand and taking pictures then it doesn't seem like pictures would be a big ordeal either. I would definitely talk to my venue about their double booking and see if they can  accommodate in some way.  
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  • Out ceremony is at 6:30. Sun sets sometime between 7 and 8 on the 25th. You can look up a farmers almanac to find out sunset times.
    My ceremony will be in the room where my reception is held. It has windows so you will see daylight during the ceremony. Cocktail hour is in a different room while they flip the reception space. When my guests return to the room at 8pm it will be dark out so my uplighting and lights in the dome on the ceiling will look better. I timed it that way on purpose.
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  • here in texas im having my ceremony at 6. sunset time is 6:30 so just in case were starting at 6PM
  • I think you will be fine for the later ceremony. In NY, our ceremony is outside at 6:30 for a 1/2 hour and sunset is around 7:20pm. We will also be taking pictures before the ceremony and family photos at beginning of cocktail hour. I'm a huge fan of sunset pictures and hope to take advantage and get a few shots with just the two of us as well!
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