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Disappointed with Coastal Shots Photography

Hi Knotties,

I got married in OBX this year. I just wanted to go through the pros and cons of this company, since it's such an important part of a wedding day! I waited a few months until I had the pictures to write this.

1. We didn't end up with a single picture of ourselves that was in focus, with all four of our eyes open, and with all hands and feet in the shot.
2. The "online photo gallery of highlights" turned out to be 400 photos in a clunky website that took hours to go through - it wasn't something we could share with our family and friends.
3. This one is partly my fault: I didn't get a photo with my mother. I can't believe I forgot to include it in the list of portraits I requested, and I really wish he had suggested it.
4. We asked for pictures of each attendee at some point over the course of the night (it was a small wedding), and they did not do this.
5. There were no pictures of the reception other than the cake cutting, and these photos turned out strangely yellow and out of focus.
5. At the last minute he offered to have an assistant join for free - it turns out it was his girlfriend. We quickly figured out which pictures were hers, they were all taken at a weird 45 degree diagonal angle.  We missed out on the chance to have some professional photos because we thought she had it covered.
6. At the end of the night, they started moving equipment through a bedroom door to the garage where one of our guests had already gone to bed. My mom asked her to use the front door to move some equipment, and she yelled "No" and said it was shorter this way with a sneer that was outside any bounds of professionalism or politeness.

1. Ryan has a relaxed personality.
2. He showed up on time.
3. He has a photo booth that we rented in addition to the photo package and we really enjoyed it.
4. He captured 3 nice group shots of everyone in the wedding, which wasn't in the contract.

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