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In need of help!

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I am a MOH in a destination wedding.  We have 6 weeks to go until the wedding and the bride is now wanting a shower, which she didn't before.  With the holidays schedules being pretty full and her family/friends are spread out all over the world, I am not sure what to do.  Any ideas on something I could do for her to supplement the shower but still with a shower feel?  I would like to incorporate her family members too...  What do you think?

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  • I would just keep it local and invite folks that live close and extend the invite to the VIPs out-of-town knowing that they likely won't be there but just in case they are able to travel before the wedding. 

    You could do some kind of fun happy hour-type event themed to the destination.  Like if it's Mexico, you could do a casual party at someone's house with a taco bar and margaritas.  Or if you want do something holiday-themed, you could do an ornament shower at someone's house with a hot chocolate bar and apps. 

    Both of those could be planned within a week or so and get invites out ASAP.   
  • If it were me I would probably go completely low key and casual and do something fun with just her closest girls. Like a slumber party or craft night. And make it a surprise even so she doesn't expect a lot of pomp and circumstance!

     Or the other extreme a nice brunch out some where so it doesn't take lots of prep just an invitation to everyone you can think of. 
  • @saric83 has some very creative and fun ideas!

    My friends did a low key spa day (facials and manis or pedis) for the group followed by dinner. It was relaxing and casual, very non-traditional and everyone seemed to have a nice time. My FSIL did "spa themed" cocktails for in between/after the treatments which was also special and fun.
  • You could always have a 'mini-shower' at the Destination before the wedding, not knowing when everyone is getting there. Everyone could pitch in whatever they could to buy them a honeymoon excursion, spa day, dinner, room upgrade, etc? If the hotel is an AI, have it in one of their restaurants in the corner, or in someone's room/balcony.
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