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Aruba Wedding Booked!!!!!!

So excited and thought I would share!!!!! We will be married in Aruba on May 19, 2014!!!!!

Re: Aruba Wedding Booked!!!!!!

  • AHHHH!!! Aruba was one of my top choices before we decided on Jamaica.  That is an AWESOME check!!  What venue/resort??
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  • AHHH congrats! What resort did you choose?
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  • Congrats!!
  • Thanks!!!!!

    We will be staying at the Occidental Grand in the Royal Club but since it will just be us I found an amazing wedding planner/photographer. The hotels are sooooo expensive for just a set up on the beach which is dumb since it is just me and him. So with her the ceremony will be on a beach on the opposite side of the island and then she will take us to about 4-5 more beachs/backgrounds to take pics and I can change into my 2nd dress for the trash the dress. We are going to have most of the "traditional" elements but tweeked to us :) Example.....instead of a cake we are getting a Large Red Velvet Cupcake with the colors of a Stargazer Lily(my bouquet).....instead of a champagne toast he will have a beer mug of beer and I will have a vodka redbull :)

    Please tell me all about yours?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Not sure why this dumb wedding ticker thing isnt working...ugh
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