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Indoor Engagement Photo Locations in NYC?

Our photographer won't do outdoor engagement photos again until the spring when it warms up. We need the photos for our save the dates so we have to do them in December or January. Any suggestions for indoor locations in Westchester or NYC? We were thinking of something "castle-like" (stone, Medieval architecture, etc) but open to other ideas. Our wedding will be rustic so we were trying to make the e-photos edgy in contrast. I know Grand Central is a popular option but we're trying to avoid that...

Re: Indoor Engagement Photo Locations in NYC?

  • Castle-like--the Cloisters--but check in advance that photography will be allowed.

    You could also get something cutesy at a place like Chelsea market--amongst the food vendors!
  • Thank you! It turns out that the Cloisters doesn't allow professional photography at all and the photographer just informed us that he won't travel further than 45 minutes from his studio in Bronxville, NY :(  Back to the drawing board...
  • maybe look in the lyndhurst castle in tarry town, theres also the belvedere castle in central park though you most likely need a permit. The reid castle at manhattan college might also be an option. Im assuming your using Ricky, he's usually pretty good with suggesting ideas.
  • Hi MrsFabs83! The suggestions are much appreciated! How'd you guess it was Ricky? I'm so excited about working with him! His photos are gorgeous. I haven't had a chance to speak with him directly yet but have asked his assistant if she can ask him to suggest a good spot. I figured I'd ask here in the meantime. I'm off to research your places...thanks again!
  • The bronxville and edgy gave it away LOL. I am using him as well. He is really great to work, he's very easy going and makes taking pictures fun. No matter what location you choose your pictures will come out gorgeous. Best of luck!
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