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Seating of the parents and grandparents music

I'm looking for song suggestions for seating of the parents and grandparents.  We only have one grandparent being seated (the mother of my father) my fiancee's parents (who are still married) and my mother who will be escorted by my brother since my father is walking me down the aisle.  We're getting married outside and have an incredibly long aisle.  

I really like Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood, but my only concern is that it puts so much focus on the relationship between the bride and her mother and almost completely leaves out the parents of the groom.  My fiancee is Dutch and we've talked about it and he says it's not a big deal, he thinks the song is beautiful, and says because he's completely foreign to American wedding customs and traditions it doesn't really matter to him.  I just don't want to disrespect my future inlaws, we have a wonderful relationship and I'd like to keep it that way. 

I'm looking for something unique and not overdone (i.e. no Josh Grobin you lift me up, as beautiful as that song is). I would also prefer a song with lyrics and not just instrumental.  


Thank you in advance for the help and advice :) 

Re: Seating of the parents and grandparents music

  • Could you find an instrumental version of that song so that the lyrics aren't as obvious but you still have the song you love?

    Personally, I like instrumental processionals anyway. We used an instrumental version of Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles for the family/WP and then switched to Canon in D when my parents and I walked down together. We got married outside with a long aisle also. The timing worked well.

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