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Flowers: is this quote reasonable?

Met with a florist last week - is $69 for bm bouquets, $35 for tables reasonable? I really liked her, but I have no idea about how much flowers should cost. 

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Re: Flowers: is this quote reasonable?

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    That seems really reasonable!  I think I paid around $85 for bridesmaid bouquet and a little over $100 for each table centerpiece.
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    That seems really reasonable. Did the florist specify which type of flowers would be in the bouquets and centerpieces, and how many? (It's such a low price that if it was me, I'd want to make sure it includes the flowers I like, and that I like the person's design). I'd also want to make sure they had good references.
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    oh yea, we went through all the different flowers that would be in everything and all the different arrangements. All told, the entire quote was just over 2k.

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    I think that is reasonable too.  What kinds of flowers are you using and how many pieces in all?  (including bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, etc.)  And who was the florist, if you don't mind me asking?
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    The flowers for the chairs and half the centerpieces will be kings babies breath. The other half the center pieces will be this green fluffy stuff - same with the cocktail tables. The bridesmaids bouquets will have an assortment of things, creams, greens and corals. This was from Appleblossom Flowers. She was really nice and had great examples of her work. Obviously I know nothing of flowers. :-D

    Bridesmaids – 4

    Flower girls – 2

    Boutonnieres – 12

    Corsages – 3  

    Altar – 2

    Chair Decorations – 10

    Tables – 25

    Cocktail Tables – 6

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    That's not bad!  I'm thinking we'll need about the same for bouquets/bouts/etc. so that's good to have a reasonably priced fresh flower option!  Thanks!!
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