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Avoid Modern Vase and Gift...products look great, but customer service is awful!!

DO NOT USE MODERN VASE AND GIFT!!!  I ordered 6 black 6 cube vases for my wedding.  They came in and one vase was broken so I called and got another within 2 weeks.  No problem.

However, 3 days before my wedding I started putting my centerpieces together.  I placed a small amount of water in the vase and it cracked horizontally the width of the vase and then down the corners.  This also happened to a second vase.

Being a manufacturing professional with two advanced degrees in the materials engineering field, I checked the vases out and easily determined it was a manufacturing error, not a Modern Vase and Gift error.

I called the company and explained to them what happened and gave them my professional opinion about why it happened.  They said they would be able to get me a replacement for the broken vases before my wedding if I would pay the expedited shipping...$75!!  That was more than my entire original order.

After going round and round with several levels of management, getting blamed for the damage, and being talked over and talked down too, I got ugly and simply told them that I would accept a refund since that was all they were offering and I would also let the online world know what a horrible company they were and what terrible customer treatment they have.

The first two people I talked to tried to help within the parameters that were given to them, but the management end of this company is who was being rude and disrespectful.  Please avoid this company at all cost, especially if it is for your special day.
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